Talent Outsourcing

Our outsourcing services tailored to meet your need and targeted at your business growth.

Talent Outsourcing

Finding the right talents in IT and Software Industry could be a daunting task, but having us provide a full end-to-end service, either by assigning to your organisation from our pool of talented IT and Software Engineers or by taking care of everything from sourcing the perfect candidates to screening and interviewing as well as referencing, will not only save you time but will also help you cut cost while you focus on your business growth.

Technical Support

Technical Support refers to a plethora of services by which enterprises provide assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, computers, software products and other informatics. And address specific problems with a product or service rather than the provision of training, customization, or other support services.

We provide you with our seasoned and well trained professionals to handle pressure from your clients and proffer solutions to problems arising as quick as possible and within the shortest and possible period of time.

Information and Network Security

At Scnip, our professional, responsible, extremely smart, well-trained and certified ethical hackers wear only the white hats and make it their job to assist in the identification and remediation of security vulnerabilities ahead of any form of damage, rectify security issues, gain ownership of your network back to you and help isolate every attacker backdoor and provide attack prevention solution for your network.

  • Intrusion Prevention

    We offer deployment of security measures and solutions to contain, control and secure the integrity of your clients data, by setting up Intrusion Prevention Systems, deploying System Securities and perform Digital Forensics on your assets.

  • Risk Management

    We carry out Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to help our clients identify, classify, evaluate and prioritize risk and help minimize possible threats and damages to it barest minimum.

  • Organisation Security Policies

    We help our clients develop and implement security policies, guidelines, and best practices for the organization to help prevent intrusion/attack. Come to us for your organisation policies solutions.