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Scnip, the right technology partner for your brand

Scnip is a world-class technology firm founded by a consortium of seasoned IT professionals to provide cutting-edge information technology solutions.

Our core areas include web/application analysis, design and development, corporate branding, networking, network and information security and information technology consulting services.

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Scnip Startup

Scnip Quick Launch

Get your Business up-and-running in matter of days. Focus on growing your Business, while we power your technology

Stunning & Responsive Design

Shipped with unique, stunning and responsive design that will capture the attention of your subscribers.

Functional Backend with CMS

Quick Launch is a simple, robust and secure system equipped with Content Management System that makes your day to day activities easier than it has ever been.

Manage frontend content, post blog contents, moderate blog comments, manage admin and frontend users, manage contact form messages and so on.

Booking & Payment Integration

Built to satisfy your daily business needs and equipped with tools your business needs to strive, such as: creating and managing booking requests, process payments, send emails and notifications and so much more...

Customizable to Suit you

We understand that every business has its own unique features, Scnip Quick Launch is built to accomodate as many features your business needs to Grow.

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