COVID-19: The Naija Way

About 2 months ago
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Yesterday was today, today's almost tomorrow and tomorrow will soon become an history. Time waits for no man, and so will every problem pass away.

Before we start discussing, please try find small hand sanitizer there and use to rub your hands first.


Nice. Now, let’s discuss. Have you heard of Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus?

In case you’re not aware yet, Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that’s been spreading like wildfire in most part of the world.

It seemed like a joke when the first case of the novel Coronavirus Disease was discovered in Nigeria but everything was normal. Many Nigerians believed, others trivialised it. No surprises. It's the typical Naija (Nigerian) way, making light of and playing down issues that shouldn't be taken lightly until affected.

Fast forward by some weeks and with about 50 known cases, the reality of the deadly virus is dawning on Nigerians. Thanks to the media and people of renown personality like American female rapper, Cardi "Chioma" B - who used a song to drive home the message of the actual existence of the disease, people and government at all levels are now expediting action and putting in place containment measures to keep the plague from spreading further.

These are difficult times, but tougher times are ahead as the government consider stringent measures to enforce its stay-at-home directive. There will be hunger, inflation, cash shortage, boredom, personal income loss, and other forms of socioeconomic malaise. We are hopeful the situation does not linger.

We appreciate the numerous selfless health personnel and officials all over the world who put their precious lives on the line and work round the clock to save both infected patients and the millions who stay at home. We include them and their loved ones in our prayers.

While we await a scientific breakthrough for a COVID-19 vaccine, we must be resolute, stay positive and take protective measures. Follow this link COVID-19 Protective and Preventive Measures to learn about those measures

Stay safe.

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